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4th of July - C. Warren

Happy Independence Day to those States-side. So I'm over enjoying time with family and watching "The Munsters". Funny old show. Enjoying the Panasonic Toughbook I've got for work. I'm enjoying my job quite a bit. Can't disclose too many details just yet, but hey it'll be a way to make a living, seems like.

So a bit of news: Me and Ro are broken up, so we're down an artist. Until future notice, no new panels of Geshudgar until we get a new artist. I'm still working on getting YggdrasilCraft up and going, but once we do it'll be great. I'll open it up for a virtual fireworks show today and every 4th subsequent. So I'll have to remember to slate that for the events calender. Don't worry if you miss it this year.

And just a few hours later, what do you know? I'm watching "Independence Day"! Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum, that guy with the nice looking face, and others.

31st March or 1st April - C. Warren

I'm not sure which clock and time I should trust, so call it an April Fool's joke on me. I need to sync my clocks. I'll get around to that eventually, but not right now.

Have you ever spent all night working and then felt so tired you don't want to sleep? It's a feeling that you know that you need to sleep and you are probably about to fall asleep but everything in your mind just doesn't want to. That's me tonight. I'm not good at this blogging thing, but I figure I need to keep building content for this site. At least I can watch Dragon Ball Z whilst I type.

All's going pretty well with preparing the content management for the Geshudgar webcomic. I'm glad of that. I'm also proud of Ro, already 100 panels! She's bound to burn out, and in fact she might already have. That's just as well, there's enough there to keep new readers satisfied for a while!

So anyhow, not much else to report, I'm just going to watch a bit more Dragon Ball Z and try to get something done with the front page. I really, really need to make a logo. I've also got a bit of a surprise I'm working on for Geshudgar readers and maybe a few other surprises in the works. Stay tuned!

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