Our ad policy: All ads on SomethingHub.com must adhere to the following guidelines: Short version: No porn, clickbait, flamebait, trolling, scamming, cajolling, obnoxiousness, campaign ads, piracy, idiocy, fraud, or slog, and use your brain. We are an equal opportunity advertizer and employer, but we respect our viewers far more than our sponsors.

The interpretation of these guidelines is determined by SomethingHub employees. If you still wish to advertize with us, please click here. If you would like to report an ad that you feel is in violation of the above guidelines or otherwise offensive, please click here.

We also utilize Google AdSense. Please report problems with those ads to Google. With a few exceptions, we show only one ad per page and it is randomly selected from an equal pool of current ads. The ads are displayed in a way to be non-obtrusive and easily blocked by ad-filters. Consequently, we charge very little for advertizing. First-party ads for our own content are not considered ads for the purposes of these terms and are selected from a seperate content pool, but are expected to follow the same guidelines as any third-party advertizement. There is a page where users may elect to view several ads on one page, but this is an entirely optional feature. This page uses different weights for its random selection and can be found Here.

Here is a breakdown of ad-costs:
Ad Content Price per month
Full text ad (no multimedia) 1$
Static image remotely hosted 5$
Static image locally hosted 10$
Simple animation remotely-hosted 10$
Simple animation locally-hosted 20$
Interactive content 25$